Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fuck off Quilts and CattywampusTx on Etsy

My quilts have a place of their own in my new Etsy shop CattywampusTX! Very excited to fill it up with all the stuff I've been working on. My little ADD brain is all over the place:( I have so many things I want to make all at once. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Just need more focus power hehehe.  Here are some of the Fuck Off Blankets/Quilts I've made. 

I learn new techniques with each quilt I make. I don't plan on only making Fuck Off Quilts, I see this as a new medium for me to play with. I'm also working on smaller wall hangings. Fiber art is something I've been really wanting to dive into. Quilting has been a perfect gateway. I'm having fun adding my own dark humor to it, too. I don't like making boring things!=P


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