Friday, August 29, 2014

Crocheting tampon ornaments and fetus hot pads.

A friend of ours asked if I could crochet bloody tampons and a fetus. I honesty did not know how but I took on the challenge. I think I did pretty good? ;)

The fetus is for a dinner party she's having if I remember correctly. She'll be using it as a hot pad:)


Speaking of challenge... Keg was nominated for the ALS Challenege. I Helped as best to my ability... Haha!

I was nominated for the ALS challenge too. I really thought I could get away with just donating money but not according to Keg. Here's my video of him trying to convice me to not be such a poop and make a video. 


I started seeing friends express how irritating it is that Christmas stuff is out already. I took out all the halloween decorations because I plan on celebrating for 2 months. 

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